"Supermaxx" is an effective, low cost, affordable, integrated, public transport system for Auckland which can commence within 6 months. It was first offered to Auckland (ARTA, ARC, and ACC) in 2007.

By maximising efficiency of public transport routes 30% more passengers can be carried with approximately 200 less buses on the road leading to far less pollution and congestion.

"Supermaxx" is a time based fare system offering 2 hour, 1 day, 7 day, and 30 day electronic passes. Main unit is a 30 day pass for $70 providing unlimited travel on all train and bus services and the Devonport ferry in the area bounded by Albany, Papakura, Swanson, Howick. This is a massive cost reduction for most commuters. "Supermaxx" will reduce the subsidies required by $70-$80 million per annum.

It is long past time we took action to bring our transport system into the 21st Century. The original "Supermaxx" proposal was presented to ARC, ARTA, Plus Auckland, Manukau, Waitakere, North Shore and Papakura City Councils in early 2007. It could have been introduced by early 2008. If it had been introduced then:
** Ratepayers and taxpayers would have saved over $1 billion dollars in rates and taxes now paid for excessive operating subsidies.
** Commuters would have saved over $1 billion in excess fares
** Over 500,000 tons less of carbon and other pollutants would have been pumped into our skies.
** Aucklanders would have enjoyed a far more functional public transport system - and the transport fiasco of World Cup opening night would not have happened!


Latest proposal herewith updated May 2017
View full proposal here
** Integrated bus and train public transport from Wellsford to Waiuku, Helensville and Piha to Beachlands
** Introduction of express services using motorways where possible between transport hubs and major connector points integrated with primary, secondary, and local bus routes.
Primary services feature Services every 10 minutes 7am - 7pm monday - saturday, 20 minutes at off peak times and hourly on primary routes from midnight to 6am.
** Introduction of LOCAL and REGIONAL bus services
** Devonport ferry now incorporated to relieve pressure on Lake Rd.
** Over 90% of Aucklanders (Metro area Albany to Papakura - Swanson to Howick) will now be within a 15 minute walk of a "Supermaxx" bus or train stop.
** Unlimited travel passes on all train, bus, and Devonport ferry services between Albany and Papakura, Swanson and Howick,
$2 for 2 hours,
$5 for one day,
$20 for 7 days,
and $70 for 30 days.

REGIONAL PASSES - all bus and train services plus Devonport ferry, Wellsford to Waiuku. $5 for 2 hour pass, $10 for 1 day pass, $30 for 7 day pass, $90 for 30 day pass.


My Challenge to Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, Minister of Transport and Prime Minister for the past 10 years has been to
1. Find a better programme to provide the best possible public transport for Auckland in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost OR
2. Prove that Supermaxx will not work OR
3. Implement SUPERMAXX immediately to cater for the rapidly increasing numbers using public transport through financial stringency. The current minor hugely expensive and poorly implemented incremental improvements will not do this.


* Integrated Ticketing, Central city loop, Airport rail, and much more.
New Zealand could be the world leader in new technology public transport with visionary quality leadership
A classic example of small minded 'tunnel' vision by our local and central government politicians is the obsession with continuing with the $5 billion Auckland rail tunnel project at vast expense before examining the new technology options such as SKYCABS that would make New Zealand world leaders in new technology public transport. We will never develop our economy or get close to catching Australia with such retrogade thinking!

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    SuperMaxx Map
    Avondale-Roskill By Election

    STOP THE BILLION DOLLAR RIP OFF! Failure to implement Supermaxx in 2007 has now cost Aucklanders over $2 billion - half in excess operating subsidies, and half in excessive fares. Now the council has implemented a petrol tax to raise $150 million a year from motorists - Supermaxx would save at least $100 million, and I am satisfied closer to $200 million per year. Trying to put light rail down narrow congested Dominion Rd is madness! It must stop.

    If there is any case for rail to the airport it must be heavy rail from Puhinui - but only after the Skycabs system has been evaluated and disproven. Puhinui to the airport is projected to cost at least $1.5 billion. Skycabs project a cost of $850 million for a complete line from Britomart to the airport.
    * Light rail down Dominion Rd will take about 1 hour 20 minutes from city to airport and cause massive congestion to other users.
    * Heavy rail from Britomart to airport via Puhinui is prejected to take 45-50 minutes
    * Skycabs will take 24 minutes from Britomart to the airport riding above Dominion and other roads with a capacity of 4,800 people in each direction each hour.


    A recent study by Deutsche Bank has found Auckland to be the 3rd most expensive city in the world for public transport which is tragic as it is all so unnecessary - and that was based on travelling over 3 zones on a standard 10 journeys a week. The AT Auckland monthly pass is $215. THE SUPERMAXX PASS IS JUST $70. Auckland now has just over 1 million activated HOP Cards. If just one third of these were on SUPERMAXX monthly passes revenue would double but costs would stay the same. Fares to commuters would reduce by two thirds and subsidy costs would reduce by over $100 million per annum.!!! Commuters travelling within 1 zone currently pay $$79.80 for an average of 21 days use per month on a hop card. Moving to a SUPERMAXX monthly pass of $70 would save them money and the pass is available to use anytime, any place, any train or bus and Devonport ferry for 30 continuous days anywhere between Albany and Papakura, Swanson and Cockle Bay. Commuters currently travelling 3 zones pay $203 for an average of 21 days. Under Supermaxx they would pay $70.
    Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, and Central Government politicians including the Minister of Transport and Prime Minister are fully aware of SUPERMAXX but refuse to implement it. Please ask them why.

    The fare increase announced by Auckland Transport 25th January 2019 is iniquitous, unnecessary, and damaging.It is the action of a totally incompetent Auckland Transport and Auckland Council. The entire Council along with the Board and senior management of Auckland Transport should be fired. Supermaxx will DECREASE FARES and increase revenue - check it out!

    WELLINGTON with travel passes varying from $126 to $444 for a month is the 12th most expensive city in the world and the recent fiasco of the roll out of their new network shows the paucity of knowledge and ability in their transport planning. Wellington could also enjoy a Supermetlink network and a $70 SUPERMAXX pass for 30 days anywhere between Paekakariki and Upper Hutt as northern boundaries and the South Coast or $90 from Waikanae or Masterton to the South Coast.

    CENTRAL RAIL LINK - Heading for $5 billion dollars. Good to see some realism coming into cost assessments which now are for at least $4 billion. (Herald 26 January, 2019). No doubt it will be close to $5 billion by the time it is finished and there is no money to pay for it. The powers that be still refuse to examine Skycabs as a potential much better and much cheaper alternative.


    Efficiency of travel through the CBD area is critical to the success of "Supermaxx". There is not too much traffic in the inner city. It just takes too long to get through the mass of traffic lights. Creative solutions are needed to make the CBD area a vastly better place to live, work, shop, and play.

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    I believe our economy and social fabric are disintegrating, in part because of world events, in part because we are not addressing the issues with long term solutions. During my 6 years at sea in the merchant navy if we knew a severe storm was coming we prepared the ship to cope by checking all operating systems, making sure the cargo was secure, clearing the decks,and rigging lifelines through the companionways for the safety of passengers and crew. We as a nation are cruising into danger. We need to change course to minimise damage, and prepare the country for rough weather ahead.

    These are challenging times. For decades we have been undermining the foundations of society in the environmental, social, economic, and spiritual areas - every facet of a flourishing society. Now we are reaping what we have sown. Until we face up to some basic facts and rebuild the foundations we will not live in the quality society we wish to.
    Stephen Greenfield
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    It is possible to have regular access to Auckland Harbour bridge.
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    We are not victims of our own success Mayor Brown, as you stated on the 10th September, we are victims of the gross incompetence of Auckland Transport and Auckland Council!

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