"Supermaxx" is an effective, low cost, affordable, integrated, public transport system for Auckland which can commence within 6 months. It was first offered to Auckland (ARTA, ARC, and ACC) in 2007.

By maximising efficiency of public transport routes 30% more passengers can be carried with approximately 200 less buses on the road leading to far less pollution and congestion.

"Supermaxx" is a time based fare system offering 2 hour, 1 day, 7 day, and 30 day electronic passes. Main unit is a 30 day pass for $70 providing unlimited travel on all train and bus services and the Devonport ferry in the area bounded by Albany, Papakura, Swanson, Howick. This is a massive cost reduction for most commuters. "Supermaxx" will reduce the subsidies required by $60-$70 million per annum.

It is long past time we took action to bring our transport system into the 21st Century. The original "Supermaxx" proposal was presented to ARC, ARTA, Plus Auckland, Manukau, Waitakere, North Shore and Papakura City Councils in early 2007. It could have been introduced by early 2008. If it had been introduced then:
** Ratepayers and taxpayers would have saved over $500 million in rates and taxes now paid for excessive operating subsidies.
** Commuters would have saved over $500 million in excess fares
** Over 300,000 tons less of carbon and other pollutants would have been pumped into our skies.
** Aucklanders would have enjoyed a far more functional public transport system - and the transport fiasco of World Cup opening night would not have happened!


Latest proposal herewith updated September, 2016 Features
** Integrated bus and train public transport from Wellsford to Waiuku, Helensville and Piha to Beachlands
** Introduction of express services using motorways where possible between 43 transport hubs integrated with primary, secondary, and local bus routes.
Primary services feature Services every 10 minutes 7am - 7pm monday - saturday, 20 minutes at off peak times and hourly on primary routes through the night.
** Introduction of LOCAL and REGIONAL bus services
** Devonport ferry now incorporated to relieve pressure on Lake Rd.
** Over 90% of Aucklanders (Metro area Albany to Papakura - Swanson to Howick) will now be within a 15 minute walk of a "Supermaxx" bus or train stop.
** Unlimited travel passes on all train, bus, and Devonport ferry services between Albany and Papakura, Swanson and Howick, $2 for 2 hours, $5 for one day, $20 for 7 days, and $70 for 30 days.
REGIONAL PASSES - all bus and train services plus Devonport ferry, Wellsford to Waiuku. $5 for 2 hour pass, $10 for 1 day pass, $30 for 7 day pass, $90 for 30 day pass.


My Challenge to Auckland Transport, Auckland Council, Minister of Transport and Prime Minister is to
1. Find a better programme to provide the best possible public transport for Auckland in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost OR
2. Prove that Supermaxx will not work OR
3. Implement SUPERMAXX immediately to cater for the rapidly increasing numbers using public transport through financial stringency. The current minor hugely expensive incremental improvements will not do this.

It is appalling to sit through Auckland Council monthly Transport Committee meetings and hear the procession of local people pleading for usable bus services in their communities such as Mangere, airport services for workers, Campbells Bay Community Association etc and see nothing being done to rectify the problems. THE SOLUTIONS ARE EASY AND AVAILABLE AND HAVE BEEN AVAILABLE TO AUCKLAND'S TRANSPORT AUTHORITIES FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS IN SUPERMAXX.

It is outrageous and totally unnecessary that Auckland Transport cannot introduce their simplified network and new schedules fully before 2018. One of the main "SUPERMAXX" primary routes is for services every 10 minutes from 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, every 20 minutes 7.20pm to midnight, and hourly 1am to 6am and every 20 minutes 6am to 7am and sundays from the Civic to Newmarket, Royal Oak and Onehunga transport hubs, Transfer point at Kirkbride Rd, airport domestic terminal, Papatoetoe station, and Manukau City with linking secondary and local routes enabling commuters to commute easily and swiftly between east and west and within Mangere Bridge/Mangere area. In addition to these, express buses would operate every 20 minutes from the Civic to the airport stopping only at Newmarket, Greenlane Rd (transfer point), Royal Oak, and Onehunga transport hubs. Basic to the success of "SUPERMAXX" is an unlimited travel pass which speeds transfer from one service to another without any extra fare being incurred.

#1. Onehunga - Mangere buses (312, 304, 305) used to depart from the Wellesley St East/Queen St corner and would often be trapped for 2 or 3 light phases before they could get around the corner onto Queen St. I suggested to Auckland Transport that they move this bus stop around the corner onto Queen St behind the Dominion Rd bus stop so that the buses could move freely up Queen St. They have moved the bus stop - to the opposite side of Queen St outside the Civic! Now the Onehunga buses have to travel almost 3 times as far and negotiate 4 sets of traffic lights and one give way sign BEFORE they get onto Queen St!! It can take up to 5 minutes! It causes totally unnecessary pollution and extra congestion in the inner city and makes public transport less attractive. Congestion and pollution are hugely important issues for inner city residents. Extending the length of journey makes the service less attractive to commuters.

#2. Manukau City - Papatoetoe Rail - Airport - Onehunga service (380 route). Auckland Transport have finally got around to linking Onehunga with the airport. The original 380 service was one of the few that operated a simplified timetable with services on the hour and half hour throughout the day. Now the service has been extended to Onehunga (a very good thing) the regularity of service has been destroyed (a very bad thing) and a totally unnecessary loopy loop (a very very bad thing) into Mangere Town Centre introduced. A 'service' scheduled to take 32 minutes from the airport to Onehunga is NOT a service. Mangere Town Centre is far better served by a service from Otahuhu to the airport via Middlemore Hospital and Mangere Town Centre.

Auckland Transport have a whole team of people trying to work out how to make Zonal fares work. Elongated zones, concentric zones, and other sorts of zones all have the same basic flaw as the current stage system. When you cross from one zone/stage to another the fare charged increases dramatically even though the distance may be short. I went through all this in 2006 when developing "Supermaxx". The only system that really works is an unlimited travel fare within the wider metro area. Unlimited travel fares also change the thinking of the traveller. Instead of a 'I have to pay a fare for this journey so I may as well take the car' to ' I have paid my unlimited travel pass so I may as well leave the car at home and get maximum use from it' is a huge leap. Auckland Transport have just increased their monthly pass to $220. Supermaxx offers $70 - and the sums have been done to prove that it is possible! Unlimited travel passes require a vastly less complex computer system to operate. A system for Supermaxx would cost less than $10 million. Auckland Transport have signed with Thales for over $100 million.

INTEGRATED TICKETING - There needs to be an urgent independent thorough investigation by the Auditor General or someone with similar power and integrity of the whole integrated ticketing/Thales/Infratil fiasco. How did Infratil (NZ Bus) weasel their HOP card onto their buses when they failed to get the integrated contract? Why is Auckland Transport now paying tens of thousands of dollars to replace Infratil HOP cards? Who thought that two incompatible card systems could be integrated? Why has Auckland Transport (in fact ratepayers and taxpayers) paid Thales over $100 million for an integrated ticketing system which is not even operating fully yet. I received 3 indicative quotes for the ticketing system needed for Supermaxx and all came in under $10 million - primarily because of the much less complex computer system required. This was bench marked against Christchurch where $2.2 million was paid for their system on 225 buses.

AUCKLAND CONGESTION - The city gets more congested by the day which affects all transport - public and private. Auckland Transport are incapable of providing the solutions and are wasting vast sums of money proving it. Auckland Transport is grossly over staffed by at least 200. Replace them with 20 people who can make quality decisions quickly and save $20 million per year in administration costs. Add that to $60 million savings if SUPERMAXX is introduced and with $80 million invested wisely Auckland could be one of the most free flowing cities in the world within 3 years!!


I was scheduled by Auckland Council to make a 30 minute presentation on Supermaxx to the Council at 2pm monday 21st November, 2011. Friday afternoon 18th November I was told my presentation had been cancelled on the order of two Councillors!!!! Why would they be worried?
Update Monday 5th December. Finally got 15 minutes to present to Council. A stony silence greeted my presentation on how they could get a much more functional public transport system in Auckland at much reduced costs to commuters and save $50 million a year in operating subsidies. It was sad to see Len Brown get up and ostentatiously walk out when I was called to make my presentation.

I offered ARTA in January, 2010 to provide an integrated timetable showing bus and train connections from the city, eastern and southern suburbs to the airport via Papatoetoe (train and bus) and the 380 bus service from Manukau City and Papatoetoe to the airport for the miserly fee of $5,000. This fee (plus printing costs) included providing the timetables and placing posters and brochures in all central city accommodation and advising Senior Citizen Gold Card holders that apart from the morning weekday rush hours they can actually travel to and from the airport at no charge to them! ARTA refused the offer and neither they nor their successors in Auckland Transport even achieved this small victory.

My offer to Auckland Council and Auckland Transport now is that for $200,000 I will provide a completely integrated, totally user friendly network and detailed timetables for the whole Supercity from Wellsford to Waiuku within 30 days! This will provide the services the public are crying out for with local services feeding into transport hubs offering services on main routes every 10 minutes with express services every 20 minutes. The Council say they want these but refuse to provide them. Whether the Council would have the courage to implement them against the vested interests of the bus companies and bureaucrats is another issue.


Paul Mees of the Melbourne Institute of Technology is regarded around the world as one of the guru's of public transport development. The New Zealand Herald on 22nd August, 2011 stated
"Paul Mees, who for 10 years has portrayed Auckland to his students at Melbourne Universities as having worst-practice transport systems would rank top of a world league for motorways. But if you compare its public transport with the best in the world it's right down at the bottom, even with the improvements that have already happened"........
"Asked why he was so fascinated by Auckland, Dr Mees said it was because the city was "such an extreme case" in its low public transport use, which accounted for about 6% of trips at the 2006 census compared with more than 20% in Sydney."

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SuperMaxx Map
Avondale-Roskill By Election


Transport and homelessness in the city, two of the hottest topics in this election.
Watch this space at the weekend for solutions to both!


The council must be stopped from spending (squandering) any more money on the City Rail Loop until the new technology alternative of SKYCABS has been checked out!
$180 million will provide a new technology system within 3 years from Britomart above Albert and Vincent Sts and K Road to connect with the Western Rail line at Mt Eden or Kingsland, $650 million will provide a line from Britomart to the airport within 4 years servicing Albert St, Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill, Onehunga, and Mangere Bridge en route. No rail tunnel or extension from Onehunga or Puhinui to the airport needed.



* Integrated Ticketing, Central city loop, Airport rail, and much more.
For an alternative or addition to SKYCABS new technology Public Transport network see MISTER ( The designer is now a New Zealander. New Zealand could be the world leader in new technology public transport - but not while this Council and government are in office. I hope the new Council will be more visionary and practical.
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  • SkyCabs


    Efficiency of travel through the CBD area is critical to the success of "Supermaxx". There is not too much traffic in the inner city. It just takes too long to get through the mass of traffic lights. Creative solutions are needed to make the CBD area a vastly better place to live, work, shop, and play.

    THE EXPANSION OF THE PORT FURTHER OUT INTO THE HARBOUR MUST BE STOPPED. There are better ways of improving productivity and keeping a vital port plus a fabulous harbour for the good of all Aucklanders.
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    It is possible to have regular access to Auckland Harbour bridge.
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    A copy of the SUPERMAXX and SUPERMETRO proposals were sent to Gerry Brownlee as new Minister of Transport December, 2011. He finally replied on the 21st February, 2012 shuffling all responsibility for providing the best possible public transport at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time in Auckland and Christchurch onto Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Christchurch City Council and Environment Canterbury.

    A classic example of small minded 'tunnel' vision by our local and central government politicians is the obsession with continuing with the $3 billion Auckland rail tunnel project at vast expense before examining the new technology options such as SKYCABS and MISTER that would make New Zealand world leaders in new technology public transport. We will never develop our economy or get close to catching Australia with such retrogade thinking!

    On the 7th February, 2012 the New Zealand Herald published an article by Steven Joyce, Minister for Economic Development, Science and Innovation, Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment stating the obvious that " we need an environment that is encouraging to entrepreneurs, we need to develop business opportunities etc etc. When I asked him on the 9th February whether it was not hypocritical to make those statements when he refused for 3 years as Minister of Transport to test out Supermaxx and Skycabs (and implement them when proven) he replied that he had referred the questions to Gerry Brownlee as new Minister of Transport (see above - he has since said "not my problem"!). I requested by return that he answer the questions as Minister for Economic Development innovation etc. He replied that "it was not the governments responsibility to promote new technology"!!!!! His article was headed 'EACH TIME WE SAY "YOU CAN'T IT CARRIES SOME COST". His refusal to examine SUPERMAXX and SKYCABS has huge costs for this nation.

    A government corruptly formed through a gerrymander in Epsom and Ohariu can hardly be expected to operate at the highest levels of probity and competence!

    Key and Banks with breathtaking audacity totally rewrote the law of individual responsibility in regard to signed documents over the Banks donation saga. Not for them the rule that most people accept that if you sign a document certifying it is correct then you have the obligation to ensure that it is correct and take the consequences if it is not.

    I believe our economy and social fabric are disintegrating, in part because of world events, in part because we are not addressing the issues with long term solutions. During my 6 years at sea in the merchant navy if we knew a severe storm was coming we prepared the ship to cope by checking all operating systems, making sure the cargo was secure, clearing the decks,and rigging lifelines through the companionways for the safety of passengers and crew. We as a nation are cruising into danger. We need to change course to minimise damage, and prepare the country for rough weather ahead.
    Stephen Greenfield

    For details of how I think this country could be run better see below.
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  • DON'T BLAME MAORI FOR THE VEXATIOUS CLAIMS ON OUR WATER, AIRWAVES, SEABED AND FORESHORE, LAKE AND RIVERBEDS, OR FOR THE OUTRAGEOUS TRANSFER OF THE PROPERTY RIGHTS OF ALL NEW ZEALANDERS EQUALLY ON THE VOLCANIC CONES OF AUCKLAND TO A SMALL SELECT GROUP OF IWI. Put the responsibility directly where it belongs on the racist, separatist, unjust politicians such as Key and Finlayson who have continued the separatist path accelerated by Bolger and Graham and continued by successive politicians. Click on the POLITICAL button below to get the full story.


    I had a 4.5 millionth share (approx) of the major power generators and the volcanic cones and beaches. Key has confiscated almost half my share in the electricity generators and all my share of the volcanic cones of Auckland


    We are not victims of our own success Mayor Brown, as you stated on the 10th September, we are victims of the gross incompetence of Auckland Transport and Auckland Council!

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    Verdict in 2012: "Lens vision is fundamentally flawed in that it does not balance liveability with affordability" (Michael Williams, Howick, NZ Herald 27/9/12)
    2013 score card - Mr Brown you failed on all 7 challenges!

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    These are challenging times. For decades we have been undermining the foundations of society in the environmental, social, economic, and spiritual areas - every facet of a flourishing society. Now we are reaping what we have sown. Until we face up to some basic facts and rebuild the foundations we will not live in the quality society we wish to.
    Stephen Greenfield
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